What is Traditional Open-Ended Vasectomy?

Traditional Vasectomy may be appropriate for some men where the No-Scalpel method might be impossible due to a very tight scrotum or where the vasa tubes are difficult to feel. And so Dr Goldstein might discuss this option with you if he feels this is the best surgical approach in your case. Unlike No-scalpel vasectomy which requires no follow-up appointment, Traditional Vasectomy usually requires a post-operative review at one week following your surgery. As such, please see the patient information page for more details.

Open-Ended Technique

When performing Traditional Vasectomy, Dr Goldstein uses the Open-Ended Vasectomy technique and surgery usually takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. First is a generous infusion of local anaesthetic (lignocaine) to the scrotum. This stings just slightly but then quickly and effectively numbs the area. With accuracy and precision Dr Goldstein isolates each tube under the scrotal skin and makes one or two small incisions. The Vas are cut and a 1cm section of tube goes to the lab for analysis. Finally, the tube to the testis is left open (“open-ended vasectomy”) and using delicate surgical techniques Dr Goldstein constructs a blind sac using the cord coverings. This minimises the chance of pain in the days and weeks following surgery. The other end of the tube closest to the penis is simply cauterised and clipped. Once each side is complete the scrotal incision heals quite nicely on its own.

Key Points

  1. If you have a Traditional Vasectomy, Dr Goldstein practises Open-ended technique
  2. The testicular end of the vas remains open within a surgically constructed pouch.
  3. Open-ended vasectomy minimises post-vasectomy pain compared to closed ended techniques

Open-Ended Vasectomy Benefits

  • Simple office procedure in 30-minutes (60-minutes total time in clinic) and no expensive hospital stays necessary!
  • This is good for patients who may have a difficult scrotum and who are not suitable for No-Scalpel Vasectomy.
  • And raising a child costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but a vasectomy will cost you a few hundred dollars.
  • Forget expensive daily scripts for contraceptive pills or expensive packets of condoms
  • Greater than 99.5% effective when confirmed on semen sample
  • Most men are able to return to work 2-3 days after their surgery
  • No adverse effects on your sexual function – erections, sex drive and testosterone levels remain the same
  • Brand new facilities at SmartClinics Woree will make for a comfortable experience.

Open-Ended Vasectomy Risks

Complications include:

  • Infection – usually easily treated by antibiotics. Rarely may require hospitalization if there is abscess.
  • Bruising and bleeding – nearly all men when experience some bruising but major bleeds are rare. May require hospitalization if large bleeding occurs in the scrotum.
  • Pain – post-operative pain is usually mild and usually resolves within a few days. With open-ended vasectomy congestion pain that lasts longer than two weeks is very rare.
  • Post vasectomy pain syndrome (Chronic pain) – long term scrotal pain usually due either to sperm granuloma or nerve injury

Please note this is general information only.