What is Great Barrier Vasectomy

Great Barrier Vasectomy is Cairns first and only dedicated vasectomy service offering No-Scalpel and traditional open-ended vasectomy for men at the brand new facilities at SmartClinics Woree. Our goal is to be the preferred No-Scalpel vasectomy provider in the Great Cairns region known for excellent service, overall experience and minimal disruption to your life.

How Effective is Vasectomy ?

Vasectomy is 99.85% effective – that is to say it has a very low failure rate of approximately 1.5 in 1000 and most of these failures happen in men who do not follow instructions and have unprotected intercourse soon after surgery (there will still be sperm in the semen). Men who follow all directions and submit an “all clear” semen analysis will have failure rates of 1 in 5000

Will My Vasectomy be Painful ?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and there should be minimal if any discomfort during the procedure itself. Most men relax quite comfortably through the procedure. In the week following surgery expect some ache in the scrotum but this is usually minor.

Will Vasectomy affect my sexual function ?

Vasectomy is simply a “plumbing fix” to block sperm. The procedure does not affect erectile function, sex drive, testosterone levels or performance. You will still ejaculate semen. Your existing sexual function will remain unchanged.

What about other methods of contraception ?

No contraceptive method can give you 100% assurance and all contraception has a failure rate. However some are better than others. Condoms are only 80-85% effective and the oral contraceptive pill 91% with typical use. Mirena (hormone IUD) and implanon (hormone skin implant) are both very effective > 99% and these might be good alternate options to vasectomy.

Is vasectomy reversible ?

Technically yes. But whether YOUR vasectomy will be reversible is impossible to know and there are no guarantees. We always advise you to think of vasectomy as a permanent, irreversible option.

Do you offer No-Scalpel Vasectomy ?

Yes. We offer No-Scalpel Vasectomy to most men.

Will vasectomy protect me from sexual transmitted infection (STIs) ?

No. You will still need to wear condoms to protect yourself from STIs.

How long does the surgery take ?

The procedure itself takes approximate 20-minutes. Expect to be in clinic from start to finish for approximately one hour.

Will I be sedated ?

Most men do just fine using sedating tablets which are offered before your surgery. This medication helps you relax during the procedure. Twilight IV sedation is no longer offered for vasectomy. If you require IV sedation or full general anaesthetic you are best to ask your doctor to be referred to a local General Surgeon or Urologist performing vasectomy.

Will my procedure be performed under anaesthetic ?

Local anaesthetic (lignocaine) is used to numb the area. General Anaesthetic (going to sleep) is not offered as per above.

What happens if something goes wrong ?

If you have any concern at all please feel free to ring Dr Aaron Goldstein at Great Barrier Vasectomy Ph: 07 4034-2844. This number rings the Smartclinics Woree reception during business hours and diverts to the doctor’s mobile phone after hours. If you have a major concern after hours such as extreme pain or swollen scrotum then you may need to call into the Cairns Hospital.

When can I have my vasectomy ?

If you choose the Same Day Vasectomy pathway then please ring 07 4034-2844 to book your Thursday vasectomy date. Otherwise you may simply book an initial consultation online here. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred booking date and time.

Should I book time of work ?

You are recommended to have four days of rest including the day of your vasectomy. The amount of time off will depend on how well you recover and the sort of work you do.

What is the expected recovery ?

Most men feel completely back to normal about 7-14 days after their vasectomy.

When can I stop using Condoms ? When can my partner came off The Pill ?

You can stop contraception once you have submitted a semen analysis and have been given the “all clear” by Dr Goldstein. This usually occurs after 30 ejaculations and 3-months after surgery.

How many clinic appointments will I need ?

If you choose the Same Day pathway then your vasectomy date is your only appointment (one visit only).

Will I need to provide a semen sample ?

Yes. We need to ensure that your semen contains no sperm before giving you the “all clear” to have unprotected intercourse.

Can I drive after vasectomy ?

There are no formal restrictions on driving after your vasectomy. However it is recommended that you organise a driver to take you home following your vasectomy.

Will my partner be there on the day of surgery ?

Partners are welcome in the waiting area and in the recovery room after your surgery.

How much does vasectomy cost ?

Same Day Vasectomy currently costs $550 (Gap ~ $300).

How do I secure my booking ?

Bookings are secured after you have paid your deposit. The deposit is usually 50% of your total fee for vasectomy depending on which pathway you choose.

Is there any medicare rebate for vasectomy ?

Currently there is a medicare rebate of approximately $245.

Of course. You may book a no-obligation appointment at any time. Have the vasectomy discussion.

What should I bring on the day of surgery ?

When you arrive please bring two pair so supportive “speedo style” jocks. Also please bring a light snack to enjoy while you recover.

Can I use my private health cover ?

No. Great Barrier Vasectomy is an office-based service and as such you will not be able to use private health.

Do I require a referral ?

No. But if your usual doctor wishes to provide a written referral Dr Goldstein will respond in kind.